Automotive Lighting

LSI has been recognized as the leader in automotive lighting for almost 40 years, spearheading the development of a wide range of innovative luminaires and lighting technology for both interior and exterior applications.  Today, we also offer dynamic custom graphic solutions to enhance your marketing and merchandise efforts.

With a focus on performance and energy efficiency, you can count on LSI to provide lighting and graphics elements that utilize the most sophisticated lighting technology and materials. Beyond the product, LSI is committed to providing our customers with unparalleled support in program design, management and field support.








Exterior Lighting

LSI has pioneered the development of a wide range of high quality outdoor luminaires specifically designed to effectively light your dealership. From your front row to your front door, LSI Automotive Lighting gives you practical, energy efficient  lighting solutions packed with performance, style and economy.

See how LSI’s outdoor products increase drive-by visibility and provide a high level of security. Beyond the product, LSI Automotive Lighting is committed to providing our customers with unparalleled support in lighting design, program and field support.

Front Row

Our Mirada and Slice LED fixtures help reduce energy costs and lower maintenance expenses. They produce a smoother, whiter light with less glare as compared to competing products – creating a safe, comfortable experience for customers. In addition, due to their 5000K temperatures and silicone optics, Mirada area lights help create vibrant product displays across numerous vehicle models and colors – with light emanating from modern, architecturally pleasing LED fixtures.

Building Mounted

Our high-performance wall luminaires feature a sleek, modern housing and offer multiple temperature, distribution and lumen options. Cost-competitive and energy-efficient, these fixtures help auto dealers illuminate the gap between their buildings and their light poles. This helps dealerships increase safety and create modern, attractive and welcoming spaces.


Our AirLink and AirLink Blue controls are simple, highly-configurable products that are ideal for controlling outdoor illumination at automotive dealerships. These systems help dealerships enhance safety, reduce energy costs and comply with applicable regulations. When paired with their respective LSI configuration apps, designated employees can easily use their mobile phones to program and manage your new LSI luminaires – regardless of weather conditions or physical obstructions.

Display Lighting (In-ground / Flood)

Our flood light solutions generate attention and help differentiate your lot from your neighbor’s. These luminaires are ideal for several specialty applications, including the illumination of structural and architectural columns and flag displays. With a wide lumen range, versatile optics and photocell configurability, our display lights are among the most competitive solutions in the auto dealer marketplace.








Indoor Lighting

LSI Automotive Lighting helps your showroom shine and improves your service area productivity and efficiency. LSI lighting solutions not only create an inviting environment, they highlight your product and services to set them apart from your competition.

LSI offers a variety of decorative fixtures and architectural luminaries to support your brand and appearance throughout your showroom and offices. Our reliable, versatile and high-performing high and low bay fixtures offer the needed lighting to service your customer vehicles safe and effectively.

LSI Automotive Lighting is committed to providing our customers with unparalleled support in lighting design, program and field support.


Showrooms & Customer Lounges

In addition to our linear, architectural and downlight fixtures, our graphics solutions enhance the customer experience in dealerships all across America. We work directly with dealerships to create engaging spaces that help attract, and retain, generations of loyal customers.


Service / Detail Bay

Our high bay luminaires are ideal for service and detail bay applications. With an industry-leading output range of 12,000 to 100,000 lumens, these fixtures are among the most flexible and energy-efficient lighting products in the auto dealer marketplace. When paired with our Bluetooth sensor, service managers can easily use their smart phones to program and manage the illumination in the bay.


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